And So It Begins….

By my calendar tomorrow , September 1st, is my official start of flu season. This will be my first of many prodding’s for you people to get a flu shot. Although there have been no fatalities yet there have been about 6 confirmed cases of flu in my area alone.

To enlighten everyone a bit we started training for this years flu season about mid-July. By the end of the same month we had the first round of vaccine arrive and sure enough by August 1st the first shot had been given. At the moment we have given 27 flu vaccines. I wish everyone would be like those 27 people get it done early.

First off people will inevitably get sick with flu like symptoms from something else and we will be busy dealing with these people in addition to our other patients. Secondly its easier to deal with any issues you most likely won’t experience, but in the extremely rare case you do its better off dealt with in warmer weather.

Moral of the story here people is get your damn flu shot…NOW. There’s a myriad of reason why you should and I will most likely pontificate on them as we head further into the season.

Oh…before I forget…for any of you anti-vaxers out there. I suggest keeping your mouths shut or sod off. I’ve got lots  of salvo’s to send your way.


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