A Screw Up on Your Part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on Mine

My Shop and Drafting teacher had a similar sign hung up in his room and the sign was spot on. Gather round kids it’s story time again. This one happened less than…..5 hours ago. Please also bear in mind I’m only hearing most of this as I was in the corner of the pharmacy putting together a compound for another patient.

A woman comes to the drive thru and talks to the pharmacist who also happens to be the RX manager. Says that we shorted her some of her sons antibiotic. Being the good  pharmacist that he is tells the woman to bring the bottle in so we can check it out. There was the remote possibility that we may have only given her one bottle and forgot to fill the balance when it came in……that wasn’t the case.

Said woman comes back some time later and it is clear that we didn’t short anything. The stock bottle matches what should have been dispensed. My pharmacist asks how she was dosing just to make sure it was being given properly. Patient’s mother confirmed that it was. To be quit honest it was clear from looking at the bottle that is was spilled based on all the residue that was inside and outside the bottle. However, since we have corporate masters to answers to we can’t point that out, but did ask if any was spilt. Again the answer was no, so we offer to call the insurance to get an override.

That call would not be made while this woman was there. I’m not sure at what point she became short with my pharmacy manager but needless to say the interaction did not end on a positive note. A call to the insurance was still made, but to no avail since the medication would be eligible for refill again the next day. The moral of the story here is that if you do mess something up ask for help to fix the issue. Blaming others for your mistakes doesn’t fix shit and only makes you look like a bigger jerk.

We understand that things happen and have several procedures in place to help solve the issue. However, trying to place the blame on us is not how to solve your issue. I made the mistake of emerging from my work station to see if someone else needed help while the exchange between my pharmacy manager and this woman took place. The second she saw me standing there she tried to blame me for not mixing the antibiotic correctly. There are instructions on how to mix it on both the stock bottle and our information leaflets. My error rate on mixing antibiotics is zero and will continue to be so. Throwing the two guys most likely to help you under the bus is not what you want to do.


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