Do You Have Any Water?

Upon waking today I quickly checked the news like I normally do and the main headline is that the town the pharmacy I work is in had its main water line rupture interrupting service for 6600 customers. As of the moment the water company is still pumping water out of the breach hole in order to assess the damage. There is no repair timeline yet. The first thing I thought of when I saw the headline this morning was the Robin Williams bit about water from his Broadway special.

I also speculated with my coworkers as if this was the beginning of the end. It’s not, but close enough for the people of the area. As the day wore on I realized just how much the main line breaking affected the surrounding areas. My lunch plans got re-planed, but more so impacting our ability to function as a pharmacy. The amount of doctors offices and other medical facilities closed made it a quiet day. Between not being able to communicate with a large chunk of the offices and patients not really wanting to leave because of the heat and lack of water it turned into a weekend shift.

Once the water is back on full tilt I’m sure well get it, but only time will tell. This incident only goes to show how fragile our infrastructure truly is. The pipe that burst was from the late 1800’s. The water company did state they have and aggressive infrastructure repair budget and plan but based on the pipes that have broke during the summer time in the last five years I think they need to rethink their strategies.


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