Can You Just Fill Whatevers Due

I’m fairly certain I’ve covered this before, but lately this request has been on the rise again. Seriously people, act like the Adults you go around pretending to be. Relying on the pharmacy personnel and/or their computer system to know when YOUR medication is due is complete and utter bullshit.

What’s worse is that a lot of patients only know they are a specific number of medications and that’s it. Let me break it down for you people. We are there to educate you on your medication and make sure that everything jives in terms of what your are taking. That truly is the watered down version of it. However, between your doctor and us once you leave that day you have had several opportunities to ask questions and will have been informed about said medications(s).

If after that point you can’t remember what does what and when its due that’s on you. We have way to many other things to worry of which involves educating the next patient who is going to ignore/forget about everything we just tried to convey to them.


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