Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Well mines not, come home from a shift in the pharmacy and open the fridge in search of sustenance. Before even addressing the desire for food I noticed there was a moisture build up on the rubber seals around the doors. I also remembered the manufacturer put a reminder sticker on the door to deactivate the energy saver mode.  Much to my chagrin I did as the manufacturer suggests.

So I get punished for following directions. Within ten seconds of turning it off the whole dam fridge conks out. Checked the breaker, the power cable, and the outlet….nothing.  Call LG and after checking with them everything I did I get referred to call one of their approved technicians tomorrow.

Now I did do some investigating online and the problem is most likely a blown fuse. The only problem is LG solders their fuses into place. On my list of skills soldering did not have a lot of XP assigned to it. I try to be a jack of all trades, but I’m not capable of everything. The struggle is real people.


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