Holy Pothole…..

One of the biggest pains in the ass I deal with on a daily basis is dodging the potholes that happen on the roadways. I get that wear on tear on the road is unavoidable especially with road salt and the plows during the winter. Fact of life when living in the northeast.

However, when the warm weather hits I expect patching to begin and repaving to begin shortly thereafter. It normally does without issue. I also expect it to be wrapped up by mid-July. Again it normally is. Normally throughout August I will see the street crews going back to fix patches that were compromised by rain or were just a band aid until they could come back and do a larger repaving of the area.

What doesn’t make sense is when what is clearly a road area that needs some TLC hasn’t received even an inspection and when inquired as to why is told they are behind and won’t be able to get to it until November. Really?!?! Once we hit mid-October there is a reasonable chance that snow will be on the ground again and the potholes will be a non-issue cause they are filled back in with snow. If I sucked that much at my job I would be shit canned.

I may not have a full grasping of how patching and paving work should be done, but to me the patching part should be completed in a quick and timely manner.


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