Running Out the Door

Previously I has discussed some items that I believe everyone should keep on themselves at all times; handkerchief, lighter, pocket knife, notebook and pen. These are just my thoughts on everyday use items.

First, I need to make an addendum to that list. You should also always carry your photo ID as well. More and more often now access to places and purchasing certain items require you to have a photo ID. Makes life in general a lot easier. However, lets say in the event a natural disaster occurs and you have the misfortune of dying during said event. It will be significantly easier to ID you and return you to your loved ones afterwards. Sorry to be a little morbid, but I think its a valid point.

Speaking of emergencies … that’s the point of todays BLOG. In the event that you need to get the hell out of dodge there are a few things you should probably have on you at the minimum. Again, your photo ID. I’ve already made my points on that one.

Second, a cell phone and a smart phone would most likely would be best. Unless, there is world wide infrastructure break down you will eventually find some sort of shitty cell phone network connection. In the event that you don’t all you have to do is find some sort of internet wifi connection. The amount of applications that will let you communicate with others is ridiculous. I know that powering said phone will be an issue but a few things should be kept in mind/considered.

Keep the phone off until you know you can establish some sort of connection to a communications network. There is no point in wasting power by playing angry birds to pass the time and no one is going to care about your selfie either. I do have some faith in humanity as well. In past situations those with power will normally share with others.

Finally I do suggest a pocket knife as well. Aside from its obvious ability to cut something it can substitute as a variety of tools given the blade is strong enough.

From my perspective this is the minimum anyone should be grabbing if they only have a few moments to get out. Otherwise one should have a bug out bag ready to go and easily reachable. I could lecture on about what should be in there and why, but that would most likely take a lot of time I don’t currently have.


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