A Balancing Act

While watching an episode of NCIS the other day I got a case of the “feels”. The general thought from the episode was that by herself Abby was not enough good. That there was to much bad. For the most part I agree with her characters sentiment.

In my own life I generally experience more bad than I do good. However, it is more to the effect of total events or quantity of bad events tends to be greater rather than the seriousness. To clarify that it’s normally a series of little bullshit events rather than a handful of rather serious events. Depending on the day it could be the reverse as well. In the episode they go on to say that sometimes the good being done won’t show for some time. In fact we may not be around to see the positive effects one hopes occurs. ( AKA delayed gratification.)

Again, I agree with this, but I think a component to the overall them was missing as well. To circle back to Abby not thinking she was enough good herself I find that to be common place in most situation for most people. A single individual can do a lot of good by themselves, but when others pitch in however they can, that’s when the scales can be tipped.


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