Latrine Duty

I had been kicking this one around in my head for a while trying to decide if it was worth the post. My internal committee came to a consensus on yes.

Upon arriving at summer camp I promised myself that other than the necessary services required of me by the camp or my troop directly I was going to relax and not let anything bother me. I failed miserably at the not letting anything bother me portion. Didn’t even make it half a day and someone managed to irritate me.

In the same campsite as my troop was another unit from out of state. When there are multiple troops in the same campsite chores get split up as they should. In this instance it was decided upon that all chores would be done by troops on alternating days. If you haven’t figured it out from the title latrine duty is one of the daily tasks.

During my first day in camp it was our chore day. I also happened to be the only person from my troop in camp at the time so of course I’m the only choice of person to address issues with. As such one of the male leaders from the other troop comes over to inform me that the latrine was out of toilet paper.

Normally, this isn’t a big what to do, but he continued to inform me that even though the cleaning and restocking of the latrine had been taken care of hours earlier that day it was still our chore day and as such needed to restock the TP. Really dude?! All of the information after being told the latrine was out of TP can be filed some where between no shit and no duh.

Honestly, I would have just brushed off his statement except for if you compared the size of both troops said other troop sharing the camp site with my unit was more than double the size. If you do the math you will use more than twice the amount of shitter tickets as my troop. How about you have one of your boys run to the quarter masters supply and get more.

Like the good scout I am, I just smiled and said it would be taken care of. At that point I thought I was in for a long week, but luckily that was the only transgression I  had to deal with.

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