It’s Too Hot Out

So today while making reminder calls I had a patient tell me that it was too hot out over the last few days and that’s why they didn’t pick up their prescription.

To clarify it has been in the low 80’s, partially cloudy, and almost no humidity and aside for the pending thunderstorm this evening the trend is going to continue for the next few days.

In terms of excuses that was a bad one. Get someone to pick it up for you or here’s a crazy thought ask us to deliver it and not even have to worry about venturing outside.

Ladies and Gentlemen there are very few reasons not to pick up a medication that is life sustaining. I could continue to lecture on this matter, but my brain is fried from the day the way it is and I’m having a hard time stringing two thoughts together.

Bottom line is this was a shitty excuse and this person masquerading as an adult needs to get it together.


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