Phone Cords

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone March 7th, 1876. That means the phone has been in existence for a little over 139 years. I think that I can safely say that the phone cord has also existed just as long.

What I can’t figure out is that why in all this time have we not figured out a phone cord that doesn’t turn into a tangled mess after a few weeks worth of use. We are literally knocking on the door of putting the first humans on Mars and I have to deal with shitty tangled phone cords constantly. It boggles the mind.

For those of you who will point out that there are retractable phone cords you can file that some where between no shit and no duh. They are actually worse than regular phone cords. Either the base or the phone cord connection pulls apart or the reel breaks within a few weeks. Haven’t found one yet that can withstand the abuse.

Ultimately, that is the problem. They are just cheap pieces of chunk made in the peoples republic, but in the world of pharmacy where a phone is essentially an extra appendage I think someone in the industry would have figured out either a really durable cord by now or a hand set the uses a blue tooth signal with a quick charge durable battery.

Someone get DARPA, NASA, Apple, and Microsoft on a conference call so we can hash this one out.


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