Paper & Pen

I have returned. (Insert Welcome Back Kotter here.) Let’s get down to brass tacks.

While at camp I did not have access to a computer. However, I did not let that deter me from getting down some thoughts on paper for Blogging. I even took the time to write a few out on the legal pad I brought with me. Wasn’t sure if the words I had written would make it here, but I think for the most part they will.

Granted I am no stranger to paper and pen, but it was a little odd when it was my only option to write on. Had to fight off some of my old college note taking habits. I had bet myself that my spelling error rate would be higher without the assistance of autocorrect or spellcheck. So far I have been wrong, but I have yet to type out my other hand written BLOGS yet so we shall see.

Here’s to getting back to the grind.


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