Radio Silent

As the second day of my nine day vacation stretch comes to a close I consider the start a great success and the middle and end should be excellent as well.

This will be my yearly scout camp week with my troop. Although I could have access to the internet at camp it would come at the cost of chewing through my cellphones data plan. Since I’m not willing to pay the ridiculous overage fee’s and that’s not what camping is about anyway I’ll be signing off for at least 5 days.

Please remain calm. You will survive the next few days without my sage advice. I know some people would not now how to function without my direction, but there comes a time when every bird must learn to soar on their own.

Seriously people. Go out and do some good in the world so I have less to bitch about on here. Some of my thoughts and advice are of worth occasionally but eventually the PEZ dispenser will run out of candy.

Keep your stick on the ice and I’ll see you all on the flip side.


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