Putt Putt Bang Bang Cough Sputter

If your vehicle makes any of those noises on a regular basis please seek the assistance of a mechanic ASAP.

There are three things in life in which in order to have some bare minimum of comfort throughout the day I suggest investing a little more money than usual in.

1. Shoes/sneakers/boots

2. Mattress

3. Vehicle

Ill lecture more on 1 and 2 another time. For today I wish to focus on 3.

I don’t care if you purchase a shit box of a vehicle to start with, but I expect it to be cleaned up and fixed a little bit. If you can’t accomplish this or can’t maintain a vehicle over time sell it and take the bus.

While traveling home today I witnessed a black Jetta pass me with a really nice set of tires. (How nice you ask? Well after Googling the make and partial type number I saw and consulting with a car enthusiast friend I found out they were $400 per tire.) However, that was the only nice part of the car. Please don’t get me wrong, always invest in a good set of tires, but if the cost of the set is more than the value of the rest of the vehicle……you done fucked up.

Although the muffler was attached and in good working order the final two feet of pipe sticking out was actually steam pipe with the emergency release cap still attached. The paint, clearly failing in several spots. The front bumper was a sight to see. It was being held on by bungee cords, zip ties, duct tape, and what I am pretty sure was a hanger. When I looked inside the vehicle the rear passenger seat was missing and I’m fairly certain that a majority of the passenger side dashboard was gone as well.

Although none of that constitutes any real safety issues I fairly certain it would not pass muster at inspection. How this person isn’t embarrassed by said vehicle either.


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