So I’m Going to Need Those TPS Reports by the End of the Day

If you need me to do anything for you I will normally  get said task done in a timely manor with zero complaint. However, if you make it a mandate/order you can fuck right off. Since I am not in a branch of the military that does not fly with me. Its called using manors people.

Over my 11 years of service in the pharmacy not a single manager has  ever given me a mandate nor have I been voluntold. It has always been here’s what we need to accomplish, everyone’s getting an assignment, some would volunteer for this that or the other, and the rest would pick from remaining tasks. There have been situations where I was given a specific assignment, but it was always because my skill set played well into that area. Everyone maintained their stations and tasks and asked for or gave help as needed.

When teaching never had an administrator give me a direct command. Always was asked when extra coverage for something. The one time I said no had the principal at the time explained to me they were in a bind and really needed me. Changed my schedule around to accommodate them.

It similarly works in most other life situations. The only time I will willingly accept a direct command is in an actual emergency.

People who walk around in life and expect others to just do their bidding will eventually get a rude awakening. I have been that rude awakening on several occasions. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar people.

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