Emergency Fills

As I’ve stated before, there are no actual emergencies in retail pharmacy. The correct term would be courtesy fill, but since I wasn’t at the meeting for the actual naming process it is what it is.

Contrary to popular belief most of us behind the pharmacy counter do have a soul and are capable of empathy. We understand that things happen that will prevent a refill from being sent in. Which is why most retail pharmacies will extend the courtesy of a one time emergency fill.

Please note that it is a one time deal. We will reach out to your doctor again for refills but it is ultimately up to you to get the doctor to authorize the fill. (You know, personal responsibility.) We can only ask. I am also going to point out that there is no law, rule, regulation, or policy that actually compels us to provide an emergency fill.

At least once a week someone will demand we do an emergency fill for them because we have not heard from the doctor yet. That is not how it works. To be blunt we are not in the business of just handing out medication. We will not actively offer to spot you a few, but if you are a regular patient, its a non-control medication, and we are asked in a pleasant manner then yes of course we are going to help you out. We are taking a rather large risk when doing this and I really don’t think people understand that.


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