So while attending my troops weekly scout meeting I saw one of the local town police officers’ as is common place as one of the troops meeting places shares the same building space as the boroughs municipal and police offices. Normally I wouldn’t give the policeman a second look accept for how he had himself equipped.

Now I don’t find it unusual for any police officer to wear their armor over the top of their uniform. However, this was the tactical style vest with the molle webbing. Even if it was just that type of vest I most likely would not have given it a second thought except for on the front of the vest was attached the officers Taser and 4 additional magazines pouches for his service pistol. ( I do applaud the officer for choosing to have his less than lethal weapon option as the quick response choice.)

I might have thought he was just using them to possibly store a flashlight and baton, but the officer was wearing a duty belt as well and I could clearly see his service pistol with an additional magazine holder next to it and two smaller pouches that would easily hold a baton and flashlight in addition to his radio and other misc. gear. ( For those keeping count at home that’s a total of 6 magazines.)

Trying not to have a negative thought about this officers gear choice I decided that maybe he was going to be part of a task force serving warrants and what not tonight. Occasionally the county detectives will organize something of this nature. Upon contacting a friend who is a police officer a few towns away I was told no such action was being taken tonight. If there was I would have been given the “I can neither confirm nor deny answer”.

So at this point in time I have really do have to ask “why”? If responding to maybe a medical aid call or just a concerned citizen about something odd occurring in the neighborhood who would want to answer the door when your outfitted as such.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I have great appreciation and respect for a majority of the police officers in the towns of which I work and reside in. However, it seems like common sense is taking a back seat here. Most officers get a bad rap to begin with so why perpetuate this image is beyond me.

Let me put it this way. Project the image of an officer of the peace rather than a law enforcement officer.


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