“You Can’t Fix Stupid”

I think Ron White said it best. However, a lot of the time based on some of the daily interactions I have with people I wonder to myself if maybe Darwin got it wrong. Then I look at some of the trending things in social media and the regular news outlets and realize there are tons of daily examples proving Darwin right.

The most recent glaring example is the guy who decided to light off a fireworks mortar on top of his head. Granted there was copious amounts of alcohol consumed, but the guys friends spent who knows how long talking him out of the idea. And then he goes and does it anyway.

Almost on a monthly basis a story will surface about an irresponsible gun owner demonstrating that the gun is unloaded by aiming the firearm at themselves and pulling the trigger. Only to be wrong and kill themselves. This I will never understand.

Any unnecessary loss of life always saddens me, but it truly boggles the mind when it self inflicted stupidity.


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