For my short time in existence on this planet I have found there is no such thing as perfection. It’s an impossibility. Even in machines that are supposed to produce exact replicas they will not produce the exact same thing again. You may not be able to detect it with the naked eye, but if I wanted to be nit picky about it and pull out a micrometer I could find the inconsistencies.

Perfection should not be expected of any person either. It is understood that all humans make mistakes so the expectation of always operating at or achieving  100% all of the time is very unrealistic. Sometimes your having an off day while other times you just aren’t going to get it.

For as much as I don’t believe in perfection there is no reason not to strive for it either. Try and be a better student, be a better spouse/significant other/friend, be a better worker, hell just mow the lawn a little better. That way when you stand back and look at your work, whatever it may be, you can say “perfect” to yourself knowing you did a good job.


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