Get It Together

As I’ve stated before, there are no real emergencies that occur in retail pharmacies. It is normally a lack of preparation on the part of the patient. However, since most of us have corporate masters to answer to we play along for the most part.

Heading into the July 4th holiday weekend a lot of people are choosing to take an extended holiday break away from my general area. Fantastic for you people that are doing so and I applaud all the people who have been getting their needs together early on so as to not be at the pharmacy last second trying to get something filled and their flight leaves in two hours. Even had one patient come in and tell me they are here for a early refill and low and behold they called ahead to their insurance and got the override codes for us. (I damn near hugged them.)

If you have not gotten your whatever filled early by now get it together tomorrow people. It is the last day before the holiday that we will have access to all the resources necessary to get your medication filled in a timely fashion. Once it hits July 3rd all bets are off. Doctors offices are going to be closed and I doubt any on call MD is going to have mercy on you. Only about a third of insurance companies are going to be available to help resolve things too. Also, let’s not forget about the independents.

My guess is most will still be open on the 3rd because it is a Friday, but when its the 4th and its the weekend you are SOL. Please don’t ask the kind folk in the chain stores for a transfer. We are legally bound to speak to a pharmacist in which the transfer is coming from. If you aren’t responsible enough to have the refill taken care before they are closed then honestly, tough shit. The only reason you stepped foot into my place is because of your inability to act like an adult. If it truly is that much of an emergency go to an ER. There is too much risk to assume on our part to just hand you a couple of pills.


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