The News

Rarely will I watch the news or read the paper anymore.  Even the different news outlets online components I don’t really frequent. The question most people ask me, “How do you stay informed?” Well, I’m probably under informed with certain things other wise I’m probably only 24 hours behind in most aspects.

I have watched most news outlets devolve from respectable journalism, to lets jazz things up a bit, to we need to get more eyeballs over here how can we spin this to get attention. More and more often I am seeing/hearing reporters just get things blatantly wrong and just rolling with it. I know if your live or trying to roll something quick, but how much of an idiot are you willing to look like and how often do you have to apologize of inaccuracies. Most news organizations have a legion of fact checkers. USE THEM!!!

When  I do take interest in something I will normally seek out multiple sources about the subject at hand to do my own fact checking which is ridiculous, but it is what it is. I also sometimes have to wade through the quagmire of political bullshit surrounding a subject just to see the root matter.

It’s also annoying at how much negativity is harped on. I realize that this is what sells and gets more eyeballs on news channel A over news channel B, but I don’t need to get depressed while watching the news. Yes, a bunch of bad stuff may have happened that day, week, month, etc… but lets balance it a little better.

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