Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

I have very few actual vices, but occasionally I will buy 2o bucks worth of scratch off lottery tickets. Normally what ends up happening is I will at best break even an will normally just continue using the won money until I either end up with a bunch of losers or I hit a couple hundred bucks worth of money and then walk away.

I am writing this time to alert people not to just chuck the losing tickets away. Flip it over and check for the second chance drawing. My guess is that most people who buy lottery tickets are aware of this fact, but just a friendly heads up for the occasional buyer.

I’m sure the question now is, “How much more is this going to cost me in order to win something”? The answer is nothing. Just a few minutes of your time to create an entry account with your respective states lottery website and a few minutes more to enter some information off the non-instant win ticket.

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