Go Speed Racer Go!

Most main roads have two lanes in both traveling directions. The right hand lane being for general travel.  The left hand lane is for passing, moving into the middle turning lane when available, and oh yeah…..FASTER MOVING VEHICLES.

One of the things that annoys me the most are turtle racers. (People who stay in the fast moving/ passing lane.) Although debatable I will say they are causing a safety issue. More so is the inconvenience they are causing not only to me, but to every other motorist on the road. Seriously, get the hell out of the way. Everyone wants to get from point A to B in a timely manner.

Some of these people will normally take a hint when you come up on them quick and move over. However, there are still a great enough number of these entitled assholes whom refuse to move over. I have developed a standard procedure on how to deal with these people.

1. Give it a five Mississippi. This should be enough time for the offending driver to realize they are holding up progress and at least declare a merge.

2. If the previously mentioned time frame has passed flash the lights.

3. If the visual queue with the lights doesn’t work. Give a single honk.

4. In the instance of a failure to acknowledge the audio queue flash lights again and double honk.

5. If the offending driver has failed to acknowledge the need for them to move at all at this point I would consider the game to be on. Use discretion with high beams. No sense in causing an accident. However, judicious use of your horn I don’t see being a problem. If you happen to be lucky enough like myself and have a diesel train horn installed in your vehicle have at it.

***Please note that a few moments pause between each step should be given so that the driver holding things up can respond appropriately.***


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