Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

The field for potential republican presidential candidates has officially become a joke today. I know that some candidates are actually looking to make some change, but the majority are just trying to curb stomp the rest of the democrats. I don’t even really know what to say so here is how I think the office of president should be determined.

Since the current field for republican is so large I think the only way to truly decide the winner is to have a royal rumble match with tables and ladders. The democrats with a significantly smaller field and very little growth potential I’m thinking round robin best of 3 matches.

Once each political party has their respective champions we’ll schedule a Hell in the Cell match to determine who the next president is. We may not be able to do better than 30% voter turnout, but given the right advertising campaign I bet I could get better than 85% viewership for the final rounds.


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