Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

One of the best way to learn something is from someone who has experience in what you are seeking to do. I have learned this the hard way a couple of times. I do have the ability to quickly figure out most things on my own by just reading from a book or watching the instructional video. However, some things are just more intricate and require you to work alongside someone who is the “old hat”. It is for these reasons and many more that I wish the U.S. education system did a better job with the “apprenticeship” part of students education.

Education aside I bring this up for another point. If you have someone who has been doing a given job or task for a good many moons please don’t question them. They have seen and done it enough, learned to adapt to the new conventions, and made up a few of their own knowing how to increase performance and productivity.

I understand that sometimes a fresh face does have a good idea or a better way of doing things. However, forcing it into action isn’t the swiftest way to accomplish that. First off learn the standard method being used. Figure out how the new methods or adjustments can be integrated and then bring in the veterans to get the ball rolling. It will be appreciated they you learned how to use the old methods and then got everyone involved rolling things out.

On a final note please don’t seek the advice of the wised elder and then completely ignore the advice dispensed. It’s hard enough to not say “I told you so”, and it is very aggravating. I would say this is one of my pet peeve’s.


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