House Hunters

I may stand alone here, but the house hunter show and those similar to it annoy the shit out of me. Sometime in the near future myself and my wife to be will start the arduous process of looking for our first home. To me these shows simplifies what I know is a complex process and also sets up unrealistic expectations.

Before anyone says, “Well stop watching it”. I hear you, but I watch it occasionally so as to share the TV with the others I live with, but also to get ideas for future upgrades to my own home when I get it. Over 15 years of working construction along side my father and I have learned how to make a house look like I did 30k in renovations for 10k worth of materials.

While watching these house hunter shows I have yet to see anyone with a budget under the 450k mark. Since I have yet to hit the lottery and I don’t have a job where I’m raking in the benjamins I am unable to relate to the potential buyers. I’m also guessing the average income of most viewers of these shows is not in that ball park either. (If there is an episode where the potential buyers have a more normal budget and its not their second home please post in the comments.)

I also find that  the potential buyers sometimes unwillingness to bend or flex with their wants an desires in searching for a home really annoying. I’m sure that the producers have had the segments edited in a certain manner to accentuate that. However, I’m also aware of how uncompromising homer owners can sometimes be.

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