The Dentist

I hate going to the Dentist. Out of all the doctors a person can interact with the dentist is the one care giver I wish I could do with out. I even have the proctologist higher on my likeable doctor list and I think that says a lot. However, since I value having a decent set of “chompers” I endure.

Aside from one of my pediatric dentists, who was a complete asshole, I’ve actually never had a bad experience with a dentist. Just can’t get past the fact that a pneumatic drill is essentially being used to work on my teeth and the crazy looking sharp instruments does not help either.

When I do have filling work done on my teeth I require more anesthesia than your average patient. I am a big guy so that is part of it, but also because I am a red head so my genetic predisposition makes my body metabolize it quicker. What’s the big deal you ask? We’ll instead of 2 smaller syringes my dentist just goes for the bigger one. Now I have no problems getting vaccines, but since that thing is going in my mouth you can see where my anxiety comes from. I do close my eyes but I am still acutely aware of what is going to happen.

Going to the dentist is a white knuckle experience for me. I’m normally grabbing the arm rests on the chair like I’m about to punch out of  jet fighter spinning into the drink. My dentist said he would more than happy to write me a script for anxiety meds when an office visit is coming up, but for the couple of hours I am normally there I can sweat it out.


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