TSA Strikes Again

While catching myself up on news yet again I learned some more awesome facts about how much of a shit job the TSA does. That and I also can’t sleep. So here is a second dose of my thoughts.

73 TSA employees who have been given a badge and some level of federal clearance have been identified with links to terrorist groups. If that doesn’t grab your attention maybe the scores of incomplete employee records they have would send up a warning flag. How about the fact that some employees may have criminal back grounds or their US citizen status cannot be verified.

All of this stupidity horrifies me but does not shock me because lets face its a government controlled entity. Uncle Sam couldn’t be bothered to upgrade the IRS’s antiquated record keeping system (software with minimal upgrades with origins in the mid 1990’s) so why should I expect better from the TSA.

If I fuck up as much as the TSA does scores of people would be dead and myself and many of my co-workers would be fired, fined, and jailed.  Someone explain this shit to me. Millions of dollars have been wasted and I am sure millions more will be wasted to “fix” the problems and I use fix very loosely.


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