Can You Hear Me Now?

Previously I had mentioned that the speaker/mic in the driver through is of good quality. This is still true despite it’s age and the only thing that really messes with it is wind and obnoxiously loud noises. Despite its high quality I still struggle on a daily basis to hear patients in the drive thru.

I have probably wasted a couple hundred dollars in out of pocket expenses in doctors visits just to make sure that my hearing isn’t any worse than it already is. After consulting with my PCP and 3 different audiologists it has been determined that I do have diminished hearing, but nothing that should affect my ability to hear over a phone set or other transmission device. So with that in mind I have concluded that it is not my hearing to blame but the actions and/or inactions of the patients plus other factors outside of everyone’s control.

When communicating to someone via a drive thru please be aware of the environment around you both within your own vehicle and the immediate outdoor area in which you are. Before even speaking realize that if you have a loud vehicle either through the nature of a loud engine or poor maintenance you may need to shut it off for the time being. I can also suggest positing the engine area as far away from the speaker area as possible while still being able to direct yourself at it.  Your radio and phone should also be muted or preferably off. You can get back to your jams/call after completing business.

When speaking through the microphone make sure that your window is all the way down and that you are facing towards the speaker with nothing in your way. Make sure to speak clearly and by that I mean annunciate your words.  I will admit that I on occasion will muble through my own words, but normally it is because I am multitasking.

Externally please be aware that there are a few things that are both out of mine and your control. Other loud vehicles which may pass by or if they are in line behind you I will do my best to compensate as I expect the same from patients. Emergency vehicles will on occasion use their sirens. Again that too shall pass. There also exists the possibility that heavy machinery will be operated nearby. These are just a few examples I have experienced over my years. Most are just a temporary inconvience, but will require a break in conversation.


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