Please Hold A Moment

Occasionally when fielding patient phone calls within thirty seconds I will be asked to hang on a second. In most situations we are busy enough that I probably should not have answered the phone to begin with so asking me to hang on a second while you get yourself together is not going to happen. Since I have corporate masters to answer to I will not just hang up, but sure as shit I’ll hit that hold button.

Just to reiterate, at any given point in time we are normally very busy or working on getting ahead so as not to be over whelmed when busy. So, when calling into the pharmacy here is what you need to do. Be in a quite room. We don’t want to hear your loud family members and/or whatever TV show you are listening to nor have the time for you to mute the TV or quite family members.

Secondly have your refill numbers ready or whatever paper work you have questions on at hand. It would also behoove you to have paper and pencil ready to write down whatever you deem important.

The expectation is and will continue to be for speedy service. Adhering to what I am asking above will help maintain that quick service. It’s also a certain level of respect. In most other situations I will ask if you can hold I expect the same, but lets get the conversation going before that happens and not because your aren’t prepared for the conversation either.


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