The Double Yellow Lines

When driving down most major roads there are two things that normally separate opposing lanes of traffic. The first being the large concrete k-rails and the other being the double yellow lines. The k-rails are an actual physical barrier in which, unless you have a desire to cause a lot of damage to your vehicle and yourself, you are unable to cross.

The double yellow line is physically there, but most people don’t understand the concept that you are not allowed to cross it. The exceptions to it are clearly labeled by the DOT workers when the solid lines are broken up by the dotted line area and also the dedicated turning lane areas.

Otherwise when you cross over the double yellow lines to turn into whatever entrance and/or driveway you are committing a moving violation and are subject to a fine. I could care less about someone being issued a ticket but, I do care about the fact that these people are creating a safety hazard and causing a traffic issue.

If you’re one of the lucky people who comes up on one of these individuals feel free to use your horn. Lay on that sucker.


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