Dude, You Need A Shower

Occasionally patients come into the pharmacy and you can immediately tell that they need to be introduced to soap and water. These people can be split into two classifications.

The first group is the individual that has a job of some kind that no matter what they do they are going to get filthy dirty. My best two examples are the diesel mechanic and the lawn care worker. There are a lot of jobs in between those, but these are patients I have interacted with and have gotten to know. These patients get a pass because I know that they have been kicking ass and taking names all day and may be using their break to come fill their medication.

The second group is for the individuals who haven’t been anywhere near a shower in 72 or more hours. I just don’t understand how some people can just walk around smelling like they do. I do understand that after a certain amount of time that ones nose becomes desensitized to certain scents, especially ones own scent, but I would tend to think other peoples reactions would be a clue. There are times where I thank the almighty flying spaghetti monster for the four feet worth of counter separating me from a patient. What kills me even more is that we do have a few patients who are homeless yet still maintain their health and hygiene significantly better than some of the people I have in mind.

I may sound like an insensitive asshole here because I don’t know peoples situations, but ill refer you to the point I just about our homeless patients.


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