Let There Be Light

Over the past week or so I have noted at least three separate drivers whom forgot to turn their headlights on while driving at night. I won’t pontificate about the huge safety issue this creates especially when you are driving a vehicle dark in color. However, I will point out their severe lack of common sense.

Last I checked all vehicles from 2002 to current have an auto on/starlight feature. To clarify that your vehicle is equipped with a lumens censor and when the light from the sun fades enough they just turn on. Most modern street lights are equipped with this as a energy saving feature. Some vehicles like my truck have this as option while others don’t have a choice especially if your vehicles final assembly point was in Canada.

Armed with this knowledge I have to ask why this happens. Seriously, just set the switch to the auto feature and drive on. Never have to worry about your lights being on at the appropriate time ever. I also have to wonder how absent minded these drivers are on a regular basis not to notice their lights aren’t on. Even with the street lights and the light from other vehicles there is an inherent and noticeable difference with the light directly in front of your vehicle.

Full disclosure, I do not set my truck on automatic. Many moons ago I had the stock headlights swapped out for a set of higher lumen bi-xenon lights. The reason I do not use the auto feature is because there are three power level settings with the lowest being a day time running setting. Although they are robust bulbs and will run well beyond when I give up my truck I have no desire to beat up on them anymore than necessary. They were a pricy investment.

When in a drive-thru at night I will also turn them off so that only my running lights are on. My truck sits higher than most other peoples vehicles so as a courtesy I turn them off so as not to blind another driver with my lights.


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