Getting it Right

When doing any task that is worth doing I always try to do it right the first time.  Even if it is the most menial thing there is no point in causing myself more work. If it is an important task and safety is involved in completing said task your damn Skippy I’m going to follow directions and get it done right the first time.

Lately I have been noticing that people are not of this same mind. They will either half ass the task or just botch it all together. I really don’t understand it because more often than not. I can’t pick up the pieces for them so guess who has to go back and fix it.

Seriously people. Listen up for a second. Stop screwing around and get it done right the first time around. That way time and money isn’t wasted. We can get on to the next task and in the right setting maybe get out of work early if that it is an option. If a job well done isn’t motivating enough , how about not getting yelled at for screwing up, or leaving early, or a bonus of some kind. Sounds like a win to me people.


Just Another Day

Sometimes I come loaded for bear other times I ain’t got nothing. This is going to be one of those rare instances where even then I could fire off all six chambers and be able to reload several times I will refrain. Had semi decent day and I’m keeping the vibes positive.

Enjoy your day everyone I’ll catch you on the flip side.

Little League Baseball

For most of my youth I had participated in the fine tradition that is little league baseball. Much like every little kid I really didn’t know what I was doing or where I really belonged in the field. Through practice and advice from coaches I would eventually become a decent batter and once paired with a superior pitcher would become a dominant force behind the plate catching for 3 seasons of a championship team.

The problem with little league is that some adults forget that it is just an organized league for the kids. They are in no way professionals and should not be expected to perform as such. It is a time to learn the fundamentals of the game and have fun.

Unfortunately, because some adults live vicariously through their children trying to live out the dreams they didn’t or couldn’t or have such a “win” complex that the fun is forgotten. I have witnessed “adults” get into fist fights over coaching decisions and the out comes of games. I have also experienced parents and coaches resort to cheating on various levels in order to win.

Even though I don’t yet have children of my own participating in little league I have recently been re-exposed to it via other family members. I am glad to see that it is still a thriving activity for youth to participate in, but the dark side of the game quickly showed its ugly head again.

Please don’t let this taint anyone from allowing their children to participate in little league baseball. It is a great sport to learn when growing up. I gained some friends this way, learned teamwork, and other life lessons along the way. There is more good to be gained from participating, but I was just disappointed to see that some of the same old stupidity took place.

Time is Running Out

I’m sure everyone has heard the old axiom, “there aren’t enough hours in the day”.  Well, that is a very true statement. As I sit here and type this BLOG it is an hour past my bedtime and there is probably about an hours worth of miscellaneous stuff I need to get caught up on. However, since I’m looking down the barrel of a shift and a half tomorrow, plus my weekly scout meeting, plus some quality time with my better half sleep wins.

I seriously have no clue who have busier lives than I do get shit done when I’m sitting here struggle busing to get my shit done. This being an adult thing is beat. I’m sure only working one job would significantly improve my ability to get things done and allow for better time management, but since I have bills to pay grind away I shall.

I know there is light at the end of the tunnel somewhere I just need whoever keeps screwing with the light bulb to knock it off.

Refurbished Gear/Equipment

One of the ways to save money in a lot of situations is to use equipment that has been refurbished/rebuilt. I agree with this wholeheartedly, but there is a limit to doing this as well.

There are certain things that just can’t be refurbished because of the nature of the item we are talking about. Safety equipment being at the top of that list. I would also say that any piece of equipment that has a high use/abuse rate. Printers are a prime target for this. I realize that most companies have taken light to their high rate of use and have built them out of cost effective durable materials, but over time they do wear and break down. Certain pieces can be refabricated or replaced with newer ones or even upgraded ones, but there does come a time when even that will go by the wayside.

Luckily for me in the past few years we have switched most of our equipment to highly durable devices with long shelf life and when it does break down it is normally replaced with a unit that had minor repairs/refits done to it or a brand new piece of gear. I probably just jinxed myself but we shall see.

At the same time the scan guns we use to do stock maintenance are 3 generations behind. I get that we have a surplus of parts for them, but when its the third go around of the same unit in less than a month I think its time to look into upgrading. Especially when I know the newer generations have greater capabilities and longevity rate.

I will say that I do own a couple pieces of equipment that are refurbished and function just like they are brand new. Refurbished equipment is great for anyone who needs high end gear, but is on a budget. If the refurbisher is knowledgeable and has the right tools and parts they can bring life back to most anything. I have a semi-pro camera and a couple of drills as proof. I will say though that as my one drill gets used more throughout a project it tends to use a battery quicker than some of my older ones that were purchased brand new.

Deflate Gate

So lets discuss the nonsense going on with the Patriots Football team. First off, why this is still in the news cycle is beyond me. There are other things going on that are more news worthy, but since they don’t get eyes on the screen we are stuck with this.

So from the limited amount of time I had actually spent looking at this it actually sounds like a bunch of bullshit. The investigation conducted concluded that there was a high probability that Tom Brady had knowledge of the football pressure being changed. Granted this is based on gathered e-mails and texts, but the exact explination is obsequered somewhere in the 243 page report.

The NFL has decided on the following punishments:

-Brady is suspended for the first 4 games of the 15-16 season.

-Patriots are fined 1 million dollars.

-2016 1st round draft pick forfeited

-2017 4th round draft pick forfeited

For starters that amount of money is trivial. To the idiot who started the crowd source fund to help the pats pay that fine, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Please take all monies collected and donate them to a children’s fund of some kind.

Secondly I think some one has it out for the Patriots. Based on the chosen punishments it seems that the NFL is trying to directly hinder their ability to put together an effective team. I am glad that Brady has already started proceedings to appeal this decision. I am also interested to see how the commissioner is going to weigh in on the situation.

I Forgot my Kid in the Car

While watching the evening news one of the stories was about a father leaving his 1 year old in his SUV and then catching the train to work not realizing his mistake until he arrived at work only to rush back on the next train. He did have the good sense to call 911 and get the police and EMS on scene immeditaly. He stated that he has a very repetitive morning routine and was on “autopilot”.

Good on him for admitting his mistake and taking quick and timely steps to advert would could have quickly become a much worse news story, but I’m not giving this guy a pass. If he was truly on “autopilot” as he states then his youngest would have been dropped off at daycare as normal despite the fact that his child was being quiet and sleeping.

Now, I don’t have children so most people will say to me “you don’t understand or you don’t get it”. Bullshit. I have plenty of examples around me that dictate otherwise. I cannot name one time that my parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles have forgotten us or their own children somewhere. I also have plenty of friends and coworkers who have never done this with their kids either.

At the end of the news segment they showed different methods and technology to help parents avoid this. Again, bullshit on all of it. Act like the responsible adult you are supposed to be. I do agree that people forget things once in a while, but a child who cannot fend for themselves is not on the ok list.