Refurbished Gear/Equipment

One of the ways to save money in a lot of situations is to use equipment that has been refurbished/rebuilt. I agree with this wholeheartedly, but there is a limit to doing this as well.

There are certain things that just can’t be refurbished because of the nature of the item we are talking about. Safety equipment being at the top of that list. I would also say that any piece of equipment that has a high use/abuse rate. Printers are a prime target for this. I realize that most companies have taken light to their high rate of use and have built them out of cost effective durable materials, but over time they do wear and break down. Certain pieces can be refabricated or replaced with newer ones or even upgraded ones, but there does come a time when even that will go by the wayside.

Luckily for me in the past few years we have switched most of our equipment to highly durable devices with long shelf life and when it does break down it is normally replaced with a unit that had minor repairs/refits done to it or a brand new piece of gear. I probably just jinxed myself but we shall see.

At the same time the scan guns we use to do stock maintenance are 3 generations behind. I get that we have a surplus of parts for them, but when its the third go around of the same unit in less than a month I think its time to look into upgrading. Especially when I know the newer generations have greater capabilities and longevity rate.

I will say that I do own a couple pieces of equipment that are refurbished and function just like they are brand new. Refurbished equipment is great for anyone who needs high end gear, but is on a budget. If the refurbisher is knowledgeable and has the right tools and parts they can bring life back to most anything. I have a semi-pro camera and a couple of drills as proof. I will say though that as my one drill gets used more throughout a project it tends to use a battery quicker than some of my older ones that were purchased brand new.


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