Deflate Gate

So lets discuss the nonsense going on with the Patriots Football team. First off, why this is still in the news cycle is beyond me. There are other things going on that are more news worthy, but since they don’t get eyes on the screen we are stuck with this.

So from the limited amount of time I had actually spent looking at this it actually sounds like a bunch of bullshit. The investigation conducted concluded that there was a high probability that Tom Brady had knowledge of the football pressure being changed. Granted this is based on gathered e-mails and texts, but the exact explination is obsequered somewhere in the 243 page report.

The NFL has decided on the following punishments:

-Brady is suspended for the first 4 games of the 15-16 season.

-Patriots are fined 1 million dollars.

-2016 1st round draft pick forfeited

-2017 4th round draft pick forfeited

For starters that amount of money is trivial. To the idiot who started the crowd source fund to help the pats pay that fine, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Please take all monies collected and donate them to a children’s fund of some kind.

Secondly I think some one has it out for the Patriots. Based on the chosen punishments it seems that the NFL is trying to directly hinder their ability to put together an effective team. I am glad that Brady has already started proceedings to appeal this decision. I am also interested to see how the commissioner is going to weigh in on the situation.


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