In todays current generation of video games I know that one of the first things a lot of people rush to do is looking for a way to get an edge over other players or the game itself. Sometimes it’s exploiting a glitch in the game other times it’s modifying the game controller. There are a multitude of ways in order to get that edge, but when you are playing in public servers I consider it cheating. So do the game developers.

If your aren’t playing the game the way it was intended to be then you are indeed cheating. I don’t care how competitive you are or that you are just trying to use all tools at your disposal in order to win. Stop mucking it up for the rest of us. For starters the developers have programs that constantly scan the servers looking for things like this so once detected your not only getting yourself booted, but you are most likely getting everyone booted from the game.

Secondly you are discouraging younger/newer players. I hate when this happens even in real world games because now the next generation of potential gamers is being tainted and turned away. Even with my number of years of gaming and understanding that this is going to happen on some level all the time I will stop playing a game for months until I know for certain that any potential cheating problems have been fixed/halted.

However, I won’t totally begrudge these people. They do help game developers expose and fix weaknesses for the current game and shape future games. I have also seen some fun and interesting things come out of meddling with the game. The latest incarnation of Grand Theft Auto being the prime example of that. Developers have recognized that people will always want to challenge the game itself and have made it so that we can do so on our own private servers and rooms. Please do so.

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