Keepin the Hammer Down

When traveling long distances one of the key factors to arriving at your destination in a timely manner is traveling at a consistent speed. Our interstate system for the most part allows for that. A lot of interstate corridors have now raised their speed limits to 70 MPH or are at least studying that as a top speed.

Most vehicles on our roads are capable of driving at high rates of speed with improved breaking and suspension systems. I will also point out that in the event of an accident your survive-ability rate is significantly higher. However, all the technology in the world cannot make up for ones owns driving skills…..or lack there of.

Most vehicles are also more fuel efficient at higher rates of speed so traveling slower to maintain better fuel efficiency is no longer valid. To be clear I am not condoning speeding, just don’t be the guy slowing things down for the rest of that want to get to our destination in a timely manner. Good rule of thumb is that most cops won’t chase if you exceed the speed limit less than 5 MPH over the posted limit. i.e. Posted limit is 50 MPH then your speed should be between 50 and 55 MPH. Be warned though all bets are off on targeted enforcement days and aircraft enforcement always tags everyone.

If you are not confident in your driving skills please stick to city, country, and side road driving. The rest of us appreciate your cooperation.


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