Hot Dog Toppings

I think I can safely say that everyone that is a meat eater enjoys hotdogs. However, when it comes to condiments that adorn hotdogs everyone is not on the same page.

I would say that the classics are mustard (any kind), relish, and onions. Additional toppings that I find acceptable are cheddar cheese, bacon, salsa, a whole pickle, sauerkraut, and chilli. I am sure there are other interesting toppings out there, but this pretty much all that I am going to green light until I partake of them myself.

At this point I am sure that everyone is wondering, “what about ketchup?” I find ketchup acceptable for children until about the age of 9. At that point in time you should be transitioning to more adult toppings. If you disagree with me that’s fine, but I will have deducted a few cool kid points from your score.

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