Currently there is a thunderstorm passing through the are I live in. Despite it potential for destruction I probably enjoy them more than most people. Especially the calm that temporarily settles in the are after it passes. Many a time I have mediated to the sound of the rain and rolling thunder. The lightning is also an awesome sight to behold as well.

Despite what some “nancies” may say there is an overall calming effect to be had from storms.

Normally the biggest worry when a storm occurs is my power going out. When this occurs I light a couple of candles. Grab a flashlight just in case and read a book by candle light, meditate, or if I happen to be lucky enough to have the fiancée around just snuggle on the couch and listen to the storm.

However, it should be remembered that the storm carries the power of nature and can be very destructive. Don’t travel in the storm unless absolutely necessary and if you are caught outside seek shelter or a low lying area immediately.


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