I’m pickin’ up good vibrations

Was feeling some Beach Boys inspiration today. After five days of essentially working doubles I decided to pull the plug on a sixth extended and only worked second shift. So the added sleep was just the start of my positive day.

Upon arriving at the pharmacy I would in a short amount of time find out that I would be getting a “merit based raise”. More money is always a boon in my book and it also quelled some of the anxiety I had over pending changes in the company. Basically it put me at ease that the scope of my position won’t be changing for at least a year.

Finally after much debate and conjecture the flower girl situation was resolved for my wedding. It is more than a year away, but was a point of contention for a bit. \

My point in sharing my useless daily information today is that there is positive to be had every day. Sometimes you have to look for it. Today just happened to be chock full of it for me.


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