Keeping the Throttle Pinned

By my personal definition the week starts on a Sunday. Since Sunday between my two jobs and other life obligations I have kept my throttle pinned to floor. Basically what I have done is forgone an adequate amount of sleep to accomplish everything I needed to in a day.

Sunday: Mid-shift

Monday: Double

Tuesday: Double

Wednesday: Regular shift

Thursday: Shift & ½

Friday: Shift & ½

Saturday: Off

So based on the regularly scheduled job and a need for extra help from another you can see I’ve dam near lost my mind working. Now add in the other adult things I have to do on a daily basis and you’ll be wondering why I haven’t been committed a homicide or at least been committed.

At the minimum I have a 55 hour work week so I have endurance built up, but half way through the Wednesday I started feeling it. Today I’m struggling which is why I’m working on getting tomorrow changed so I don’t crash and burn.

As the old saying goes, “you have to make hey while the sun is shining”. However, not at the risk of burning down the hay barn either. Even high performance sports cars have to ease off the throttle for a little bit.

On a happy note the latest Star Wars trailer is out!

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