Cheater Specs

Every pharmacy on the face of the planet sells reading glasses aka cheaters. These are intended for people whose reading vision have dulled and require a little help. My mother probably has about 30 pairs of these strewn throughout the house. Do you think she would put one pair into her purse to carry with her? No, in fact hell no.

This baffles me because if you know your vision isn’t the best and chances are you’re going to need to need to read a label carry a pair on you. It’s amazing how many people will just grab a pair of them from the display and use them. Which is fine, but instead of returning them to the displayer they will either just discard them where ever creating unnecessary cleanup work.

I have to wonder if the understand how ridiculous they look with the giant plastic tag most pairs have on them. Fantastic if you don’t care, but I would tend to think that something like that would be in your field of vision. Even if it’s just the peripheral vision it would still annoy the bejesus out of me.


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