And then there were 10….

Every couple of years ever since I had starting helping with the Shrine Circus we would loose a member of the unit. However within the last few years we have been losing someone every year. Such is the way with old age, but its starting to take its toll on the rest of us.

It sucks for a lot of reasons. For every unit member we loose that’s actually two people because of the ladies auxiliary that is involved with each unit. So basically when the male unit member passes we normally won’t see his wife anymore either. Logistically its starting to hurt.

For me its a little more personal as well. Yes, I have to put a little more hustle in my shuffle to pick up the slack a little more, but I have also lost something as well. The men and women that have watched me grow up and taught me a little bit about life each year will soon no longer be around to give me a hard time, but also be the mentors and elders I looked forward to seeing each year. I’m not sure what else to do other than to say thank you for making me a better person.

On a more personal note a special thank you to my fiancée for helping this past evening. Made working the snack a little easier.


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