Shrine Circus

Every year the Shrine Circus comes to town the rest of my life more or less grinds to a halt for a week. I have been helping the Irem Temple Shriners erect the stands and bleachers and sell snacks at the circus since…..well honestly I’ve lost track but I think I can say for more than two decades. I am neither a Mason or a Shriner, however, my father is. The Shriners I work with have accepted me into the fold and treat me as a son even though I only see most of them for the week or so during the Circus every year.

Most people don’t understand why if I don’t belong do I give up so much of my time. The answer is simple and complex at the same time.

1. Scouting has taught me to do service onto others.

2. It helps fund other events which raise money for the Shriners Children’s Hospitals.

3. Tradition


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