Patient Advocacy

By my count if you work in a pharmacy regardless of your position one of your primary functions is an advocate for the patient. When it comes to a patients medication a pharmacy is trying to coordinate a lot of things all at the same time so that the patient is receiving the best appropriate care . For the most part the doctors office and the pharmacy are on the same page in providing the best care for a patient.

However, not all offices are on that page or occasionally drop the ball. This is where we try and pick up the fumble to keep the forward motion going. I’ve also seen it happen with pharmacies as well. This is normally due to burn out. Despite what the insurances may tell they couldn’t give a flying fuck. They are there to make a buck off of the various parts of the health care industry or to minimize their expenditure in the payment process.

On a daily basis I do my best to provide the best appropriate care for patients. When I have to rely on others to achieve that goal I do my best to work within the confines of the rules and regulations to get things accomplished and share bro fives all around when its accomplished to promote some team spirit. However, occasionally I run into the individual that doesn’t care. I do my best to maintain a level head, but when the person does the equivalent of more or less telling me to eff off and slams a proverbial door in my face all bets are off.

I will metamorphically kick a door in or use breaching charges if necessary. A few of my coworkers have witnessed first hand the results of choosing that path. Much like a grizzly bear will become upset if you mess with his jar of honey I become upset in the same fashion when someone interferes with a patients quality of life.


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