Chronic Complainers

Based on how I sometimes express my opinion on this BLOG one could classify me as a chronic complainer. I will agree to that assessment to an extent, but I also know when complaining will serve no purpose and do try and expel some advice. The reason I bring up these particular people is because I had someone admit to me that they are a chronic complainer. Although it was refreshing to have someone admit they know they are a problem it doesn’t make it go away.

My biggest gripe with chronic complainers is that whatever they have to say is normally a waste of my time. The conversation may start out with said person having a valid point to make, but it is quickly waylaid by the longevity of the conversation. Much like when we are trying to communicate something to a patient we try to do so in a quick and straight to the point manner so as not to waste time. When a situation arises that warrants a  complaint we expect the same courtesy, but the chronic complainer will give every little detail and add in things the add no brevity to the situation.

Let’s not forget that it is chronic as well. Since we recently got caller ID I will not get physically ill sometimes because I now have to steel myself for an inevitable complaint and the more than likely six additional phone  calls before a satisfactory and almost identical to the original answer is achieved.


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