Clean Up in Isle 8.

So today a “customer” had an ice tea in their hand and bumped into an end cap display when turning around thus knocking it out of their hand. Accidents happen and most employees understand that. Please inform one of the employees that something has spilled that way the mess can be quickly contained and cleaned up.

Today that did not happen. I watched the said incident happen and then this “customer” bitched and complained while heading back up the aisle to get another ice tea from the fridge section and head up front to be rung out. I’ve learned to pick my battles so I put confronting this individual out of my head.

My ultimate problem here is the safety hazard that was created. All we needed was for some other customer to walk by and slip and fall. Should that have happened we would have been held liable. Moral of the story is don’t be an asshole and let us know when you drop something.

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