Merging Into Traffic

After driving home today I had to endure getting stuck behind 3 different people merging into traffic in a not so timely fashion. If there is one aspect of driving where you need to have a quick and generous throttle response it is merging into moving traffic. I have no knowledge on driving accident statistics, but if there is one area that is probably most accident prone it would be where cars enter the major flow of traffic.

If you have oncoming vehicles, but enough distance that you know you can pull out into the traveling lanes, great, do so, but don’t be the guy that interrupts the speed the others have been maintaining. At the bare minimum you should be at the posted speed limit when the rest of traffic catches up to you. If not, you are at the minimum are causing traffic to slow and back up annoying the shit out of the rest of the competent drivers or most likely are going to cause an accident if we are talking about high speed traffic areas like highways and turnpikes.

Here is what I am looking for. When your next up to merge into to traffic, be ready to get it going. Be mindful of the road ahead of you, but you know you have the all clear pretend you just got the “go” from the flight deck controller and your f-16 is being pushed off the deck by the catapult and if you aren’t at the appropriate speed your going into the drink. Just to be absolutely clear I’m not saying mash the gas to the floor, but get it up to speed in a quick manner. If you aren’t capable of doing this take the bus.


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