Reading Directions

One of the most fundamental things that we try to engrain in people from the very beginning of ones schooling, but mostly to no avail is to read directions. I will admit that occasionally I wont read directions mostly because I have done something similar in the past and I am about 50/50 with getting it right the first time. My issue comes in when people fail to read clearly posted signs that tell you what to do or where to go.

So I’ll share a brief story.

In the pharmacy I work at many moons ago the powers that be decided to make a change in work flow design. It was a change for the better. It consolidated the drop off and pick up into one location. Since the drop off was a dedicated window separated from the rest of the pharmacy the window was closed. After much hemming and hawing it was decided to leave it open during operating hours and a 3’x3′ bright red with white lettering and an arrow indicating that it was closed and to move on sign was hung. People would still walk up at first but quickly read and then moved down to the correct window.

Within a couple of months everyone was up to speed and it was no longer an issue. Now all of  a sudden there has been a resurgence of people poking their heads past the sign asking if that was the pick up/drop off window. It baffled me at first and I used my best customer service skills to tell them no its where I was standing helping other patrons, but I hit my limit the other day when someone decided they needed to whistle at me. From that point forward my response has become “What does the sign say?”. What kills me is half the time they have to move it out of the way because again its 3’x3′ and I neglected to mention that its also suspended from the ceiling to hang right at eye level.

To quote Bill Engvall “Here’s your sign.”

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